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Why Your Health Is A Habit

Aligning Your Whole Body With Healthy Habits

Have you ever wondered why certain behaviors are described as a “bad habit?” For example…maybe a person is drinking too often or not eating the best foods for their DNA or perhaps it is a matter of not exercising or any number of other behavior choices.  Because of the way we speak about “habits” – it tends to be on the negative side of the fence.

What if we change our thinking around our health not by focusing on “disease” but on Healthy Habits? Most of us – myself included – often run on “auto-pilot” in many areas of our life which is just a habit. But, if we want to change our health destiny, we must first change our habits. Even before we can CHANGE a habit, we must first recognize that it IS a habit.

Sleep or example is a habit!  Sleep is also one habit that has changed over the years. As a whole (Americans) we get less sleep and restless sleep at that. A good sleep habit is to plan what time you’re going to get to bed. Stay away from watching the news or reading the news at least one hour before bedtime. More on sleep in another blog post!

Today, I thought I would share a couple of things that are a little out of the box…

Offer you a free Guide – and a Challenge!  I want to share a Guide as a way to help others create Healthy Habits.

Before I give you the details, let’s talk for a minute more about “habits.”  When you are busy creating new habits to improve your life, remember that you can have a new habit for each area of your life. Back in my “previous life” (as I often say) when I was working with up-and-coming business leaders, coaching them on leadership skills, we used to use a tool called a “Wheel of Life” where we looked at twelve areas of life.  When we can identify an area that can be made more “healthy” – that’s where transformation and progress begins. There are many different types of habits that will benefit you greatly.

STEP 1 – Join my private FB Group and download your “Wheel of Life”

Go here to join

After you download the document – take 6 minutes and fill out the Wheel!

STEP 2: Determine where to establish Healthy Habits:


Before creating your first new habit, think of where in your life you are falling behind. This doesn’t mean you are an outright failure, but just an area of your life where you don’t focus as much attention as the other areas of your life. Most people have at least one. This might mean you work hard, but neglect your health. Or you eat very healthy, but you have trouble saving money. Maybe you don’t get enough sleep because you are always distracted at night.

This can tell you what areas need improving first before moving on to other habits.


Another way to figure out where your new habits should start is based on what you tend to complain about. Think about the last time you complained to someone or yourself about what isn’t going your way, or what isn’t working in your life.

  • Do you complain that you are always late to work?
  • What about your bills are late?
  • Your clothes don’t fit anymore?
  • Are you frustrated because you never have enough time to get everything done?

These are good signs of where your habits should start.

STEP 3: Choosing your new habit:

Remember that even if you come up with a list of new habits to form in your life, you still want to start with just one at a time. Even if you have 5 small habits all for the same end result, you want to start with just one of them before moving on to the next.

How do you know it is time to develop a new habit? When the last one you created is something you don’t even have to think about anymore. That is when you know you are ready for the next habit.

They aren’t always something you constantly think about. It might be your cup of coffee in the morning or the way you drive to work – that’s why we call it a “habit” – we don’t even think about it. What you want to do now is create new habits that will further improve your health and your life.

STEP 4: Accept the Challenge!:

If you are ready to join me on your own personalized “5-Day Healthy Habit Challenge” then don’t wait any longer! Find me on Facebook to get your free Challenge Guide. I promise I won’t fill up your email Inbox!

In closing…if you have questions about your code and helping your cells get healthy with creating new healthy habits or maybe you need some ideas– let’s chat!

To your best you!



Cellular Health Strategist

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